Hair for sale

Our natural hair collection is made up of ethically-sourced real human hair, selected to cater to a variety of needs. These can then be used to craft stunning hair extensions that seamlessly blend with your real hair, or crafted into luxurious wigs and hairpieces in-studio for something uniquely you.


European Hair

Highly sought after for its fine texture, natural appearances and variety of colours, European hair can elevate your style to new heights.  more  

Mongolian Hair

If you’re looking for durability, look no further than Mongolian hair. The strong and healthy cuticle layer of Mongolian hair makes it resistant to breakage, frizzing and colour fa...  more  

Vietnamese Hair

Renowned for its silky-smooth texture and healthy shine, Vietnamese hair can seamlessly blend with many hair types for a flawless and near-undetectable look.  more  

Brazilian Hair

Known and loved for its versatility and thickness, Brazilian hair can blend with many different hair types for a luxurious and authentic look that feels and looks seamlessly natura...  more  

Peruvian Hair

Soft, shiny and low-maintenance, Trendsetters’ Peruvian hair for sale is the perfect foundation for extensions, wigs, weaves and more custom hair creations.   more